1993 Volvo 850 Turns Over/Won't Start

  • 1993 VOLVO 850
Engine Performance problem
1993 Volvo 850 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 129k miles

I pulled a bone-head move again (I think!) Sprayed the engine compartment down with a garden hose. Drove car about a mile immediately assuming that would remove any water if I fouled something. Tried to start car 4 hours later and would turn over but not start. To me, sounds like it's starving for guess since it almost "catches, " but won't.
Had new volvo fuel pump and filter installed 20 months ago.
Did same thing about a month ago--sprayed, drove, stalled. Engine acted same way, but started eventually after about 10 minutes trying.
Help! Diagnosis? Ideas?
Could it be spark plugs? Fuel Pump/Filter?(Shouldn't be I wouldn't think) Timing Belt? Coil? Whatever?
Really appreciate your response.
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have the same problem?
Saturday, August 16th, 2008 AT 12:34 PM

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Hey I just bought the same car and when I bought the car it did the same thing. I put new plugs in it and I had to crank it for about 5 to 10 mins but I got it to start, if the check engine light is on you can check the car with the self diagnostic system the car has, I would also check for loose wires, vaccum lines, etc. But I would pull the plugs and have a look see. The self diagnostic system is in the engine compartment when you pop the hood, on the passenger side in the very front there is two little boxes, pop the covers off and there is a test lead, put the test lead in # 6 of module A then put your keys in the ignition and turn the key so your dash lights come on then go back out under the hood and press the little button on module A the led light will start blinking there will be a number of blinks then a pause then another set of blinks another pause then the final set of blinks all together you should get three #'s, then you can push the test button again to see another code if there is more then one thing wrong, but try the plugs and ignition if that dont work there is a pressure releif on the end of your fuel rail, it looks like a valve stem on a wheel, you can push it in but be careful because if there is pressure in the line ( WHICH THERE SHOULD BE) it will spray out indicating that your fuel pump is getting fuel to the rail, but reply back if none of these things work, also if any codes come up reply and I have the meanings for the codes, best of luck
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Thursday, August 28th, 2008 AT 7:35 PM

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