Volvo 240



February, 15, 2007 AT 6:59 PM

I have a 1986 240dl volvo, 4 cylinder, dont know the mileage, it was broken when I bought it. Any way my car was acting strange, sometimes while driving I couldn't get it to go over 30, and it acted like it wasn't getting enough gas. I went and replaced the fuel filter and spark plugs and wires. I had a friend check my fuel pump, we think it's working fine, when you try to start the car you can smell gas at the engine area. The car sounds like it's going to start, but never actually starts. I'm not sure what else to check? Do you have any thoughts? Oh yeah, I also took off the mass air flow sensor to check it, the bolt that holds it to the frame of the car was screwed in so far that it actually poked thru to the inside of the part. Could this be a problem? There were pieces of the inside plastic inside the air flow sensor, so I removed them and put the part back on, but the car still won't start. If anybody has any thoughts they would be greatly appreciated. :


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March, 28, 2007 AT 5:23 PM

Hi, you can try starting it with maf unpluged, I think that model will default to an emergency state to allow you to drive it home, / will run rough but should crank and run if maf was promplem. Check junk yards for another maf, good luck they go quickly

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