84 Volvo intermittently dies, sometimes won't start back up

  • 1984 VOLVO 240
84 volvo 240 109K mi - ok, since I bought my volvo this summer, it sometimes does this wierd thing, maybe once a day and that is when I am driving, it will suddenly die on me. Usually it will start back up, but sometimes, especially when I am in a line or in front of a lot of traffic, it won't. This is both inconvenient and dangerous! Also, sometimes it will not start hot. I've had it looked at twice, had the fuse box cleaned, thermostat checks out, etc. Now they say it could be the wiring harness, but just in case I don't have to spend the same amount as my car is worth to get it fixed, my question is what else could it be? Also, if I've brought it in twice and he's giving me no other diagnosis/option than wiring, should I trust this guy - he seemed to have that diagnosis in his head before he even looked at it.
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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006 AT 10:58 PM

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I have a 1984 240 as well. Mine has about 250,000 miles. Sometimes it dies too. I haven't been able to diagnosis it completely, but here are some things that I have adjusted.

Check your voltage regulator- this bolt on to the alternator, (passenger side of engine compartment). Sometimes I have had trouble with either oil or water leaking down and shorting this out.

Make sure that your Battery is in good working condition, and that the terminals are clean and tightly fastened.

Make sure that your car's idle is adjusted properly. If its too low it could stall out.

Check these things out, and hope you have good luck.

I've been driving a 240 in some shape or another for almost 15 years. They're Grrrrrrreat!
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Friday, December 29th, 2006 AT 5:18 PM

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