1988 Volkswagen Quantum


Ken Felter

May, 10, 2010 AT 4:57 PM

Transmission problem
1988 Volkswagen Quantum Front Wheel Drive

I bought the quantum a few weeks ago. The previous owner said it sometimes had trouble going into first gear. It did give me a little trouble sometimes and it also popped out of reverse. I started off in second yesterday and now the only gear that works is reverse. The clutch pedal is kinda close to the floor but all gears did work. Is this a linkage problem or clutch or what? Please help me with your infinate wisdom. Thanks, Ken P.S. Sorry no donation I'm so poor that I don't have a bank account at the moment.


1 Answer


Dr Loot

July, 23, 2010 AT 1:19 PM

No worries about the donation, I will let God pay me for this one. Okay let's get started, it sounds like you're having linkage problems and possible clutch adjustment problems, with your hood open standing in front of the car looking over the transmission back towards the firewall you will see the transmission linkage, the linkage rods are held on with plastic clips you've probably got one broken also they are adjustable, make sure you've got the linkage with oil, you're a clutch problem is very common in front of the transmission just above the starter you will see the adjustable roller for the clutch cable inspect it very closely there is a bushing that it goes into on the transmission that usually fails, anymore questions let me know.

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