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November, 19, 2007 AT 9:14 PM

We are the (4th owner) of a 2001 VW Jetta GLX. It has 88,000 miles. The problem the dealer diagnosed was the battery cell was dead and it was the wrong size battery for the car. The battery was replaced ($168) and no other codes was recorded. Two hours later, the car was dead again. After letting the car sit for awhile, it started on again. However, every 5 mins a buzz sound and Alternator workshop lit up on the dash. When the battery was dead it just clicked, no turning over sound.
What could it be? Alternator, belt, cables, voltage regulator or some censor issue?

Rob in Chicago


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November, 19, 2007 AT 9:57 PM

U need to check the volts while car running it should be about 14. Volts
If not you alternator
And when u say the car was dead u couldn t start it or u were driving and died
If that is the case most likely the alternator
If car was off u weren t able to start
If that is the case did your lights come on if yea you may need a start?
If no lights or nothing check battery terminals



November, 20, 2007 AT 11:30 AM

Sounds to me like there is a short in your ignitions electrical system. I would start by backprobing the battery terminals, after checking the voltages, and look for any breaks, or cracks. Repair as necessary. Im sure you will find the short not far from the battery itself. Check the continuity through the battery cables as well. I had a similar problem with my jetta, and it turned out to just be the cable terminals. I cut off the old ones, and put new ones on, and it works like a charm. Hope this helps!
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