1974 Volkswagen removal of alternator with out dropping engi

Engine problem
1974 Volkswagen Manual 100000 miles

I have a 1974 vw beetle. I have read the manuals to remove alternator, i have not dropped the engine, hopefully dont have to.
i have the wires un hooked,the strap undone, and in the back of the fan housing is where the bolt comes out there is a washer type thing holding the alternator, I cant get it off . i have no tools that will fit in there, it is round on the ends and flat on the sides. this is the only thing holding it in.
i cant remove the fan houseing where the alternator is thru, 1 bolt i can get off , the one on the right side is behind the carb, the other 2 are on the bottom where pipes are and cant get to them.
Pleas help with any imfo.
I am restoring it my self any help greatly appreciated, thanks Barb


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To remove the alternator without dropping the engine you will need to do the following:

Start by disconnecting the negative wire on the battery.

Remove the outside half of the alternator pulley. (Remove the 21mm nut on it and it will slide right off.) Pay attention to how many shims are on the alternator shaft and where they are located. These are used to adjust the tension on the alternator belt.

Remove The wiring on the alternator. If you have an externally regulated alternator you will have a rubber cap on the top, which makes it easy to remember where the wires go. If you have a newer internally regulated alternator it's still pretty easy- you have one female spade terminal on one wire, and a loop terminal on the other.

Remove the bolt on the alternator strap and slide the strap back so it is no longer contacting the alternator stand.

Next you will need a breaker bar, a 36mm socket, possibly an extension, and a large crescent wrench. Reach around behind the doghouse shroud and you will feel a 36mm nut on the back of the fan that is driven by the alternator shaft. Fit the socket and breaker bar onto this nut, and secure your crescent wrench to the pulley side of the shaft.

You can use force on both wrenches to break the 36mm nut loose. It should only be torqued to about 45 ft lbs, but sometimes people get a little overzealous when putting them on. Sometimes a little bit of penetrating oil (I prefer PB blaster) can help as well.

Once the large nut is off remove the screws holding the backing plate to the doghouse shroud. There are also 2 10mm nuts to remove- they're easier to get to if you tilt the alternator a bit. You will likely have some shims/washers on the fan side of the alternator shaft as well. Again, take note of where these are located and how many there are.

Once the 36mm nut, backing screws and 2 10mm nuts are removed you can slide the alternator out.

Additional tips:

If you need a bit more room you can remove the rear decklid and/or the carburetor.

If you remove the carburetor you will need to pick up another gasket for it, and plug the intake manifold with a clean cloth. Be careful when removing fuel lines. You can plug them easily by putting a bolt in them and tightening down a hose clamp on it.
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