2000 VW Jetta GL 2.0

Mileage had stopped at 103879, speedometer cluster isn't working. :Roll:

Retrieved DTC P0501 - where is this sensor located at :
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Friday, November 9th, 2007 AT 1:00 PM

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The vehicle speed sensor is located on the top of the transaxle. Heres how you can access it:
1. remove the air filter housing.
2. stand on the side of the car by the battery, and look straight down towards the firewall. You should see a cable (not a wire, or a hose) coming from the firewall going about halfway across the top of the transmission.
3. That cable is the shift cable. if you keep looking towards the front of the vehicle, almost immediately after the shift cable you will see a small electrical connecter that is held in place by a small metal clamp, fastened to the top of your transmission. *You will need a Star bit, a ratchet, and an extension bar to reach the single star bolt that is holding the VSS to the tranny!*
4. Squeeze the sides of the metal clamp and pull upwards, removing the electrical connection to the VSS. You will know it is the right one if there are only two prongs inside the connector.
5. After removal of the electrical connector, you will see a small blackish-brown odd shaped plug held in place by 1 star bolt. there is also another hose/cable that is being held in place by the fastener connected to the star bolt, but it is irrelevant to your VSS.
6. Unscrew the star bolt, and slide the VSS out of the transmission, being careful not to drop anything into the open transmission hole, or down into the transmission protector plate.. you will have a very hard time trying to recover the parts!
7. Clean the area of dirt and debris, and lubricate the portion of the VSS Slot that you can with your fingers and a little tranny fluid. Also lubricate the O-ring on the VSS, and wipe a little tranny fluid on the stem of the VSS.
8. Carefully... I say CAREFULLY place the new VSS down into the hole, as far as you can with as little sidewards movement as possible. The star bolt will do the rest of the work.
9. Replace the electrical connector.
10. Replace the Air Filter Housing.
11. Test Drive!
*** Note ***
Some models may have a fireproof insulation piece that looks like aluminum, that is surrounding the VSS. Some cars do not have that insulation. So either look for the shiny insulation on top of the tranny, and carefully slide it out of the way to reveal the VSS, but keep it in tact, because it is the protection from the engine heat.

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