Transmission not going into specific gear

  • 2.4L
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 165,000 MILES
When I shift to any gear (column shifter) PND12, it only goes forward I can sometimes find park to start it but when shifting it feels like there nothing there I was told the transmission is a A604 3 speed I've replaced the shift control solenoid it is mounted internally in the valve body changed the transmission fluid 3 times stp+4 w/screen filter, I was told to use? This type (fluid+4) I've tried to reset by removing battery cable and I cant find the transmission control module but there is a connector from the wiring harness located behind the engine/transmission area just hanging there well actually two but one is factory covered the other needing a place to go I've looked up and down seeding no place to connect it and everything seem to be in place? Help, Arthur
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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 AT 3:37 PM

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The idea that when shifting it feels like nothing is there, it sounds more like a linkage issue. Do me a favor. Open the hood and have a helper shift through the gears while you watch where the shift linkage attaches to the transmission.

Here are directions for adjusting the shift cable. Take a look through this and inspect what is happening.

1998 Plymouth Truck Voyager L4-2.4L VIN B
With 3 Speed Transmission
Vehicle Transmission and Drivetrain Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Shift Linkage Shift Cable Adjustments With 3 Speed Transmission
Lift and rotate the gearshift hand lever into the park (P) gate position and remove the ignition key. This confirms the shift lever is in the gated park (P) position.

After confirming the park gate position, turn the ignition switch. If the starter will operate, the park gate position is correct. Move the shift lever into the neutral (N) position. If the starter will operate in this position, the linkage is properly adjusted. If the starter fails to operate in either position, linkage adjustment is required.
1. Park the vehicle on level ground and set the parking brake.
2. Place the gearshift lever in park (P) gate position and remove key.

Gearshift Cable Adjustment

pic 1

3. Loosen the cable adjustment screw at the transaxle operating lever.
4. Pull the transaxle operating lever fully forward to the park detent position.
5. Release the park brake, then rock the vehicle to assure it is in park lock. Reset the park brake.
6. Tighten the cable adjustment screw to 8 Nm (70 inch lbs.). Gearshift cable should now be properly adjusted.
7. Verify PRNDL indicator still displays the corresponding gear completely. If not, readjustment of PRNDL may be required.
8. Check adjustment by using the preceding procedure.


Let me know what you find. Also, let me know if the gear indicator is accurate to the selection.

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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 AT 6:49 PM

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