Transmission not working properly and code P0700 or maybe P0113

  • 1997 ACURA CL
  • 3.0L
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 154,000 MILES
Car runs and shifts great until you drive it a few miles and the transmission warms up then the minute you let off on the gas or stop will not move without revving it up while in gear reverse seems to work all the time. Motor was changed in the car using the same transmission that was in the car to begin with. However the wiring had to be redone and I'm not 100% sure it is correct. However after the motor was changed car did drive great for almost 4 months. I changed the transmission fluid it was dark and smelt bad. After change car did the same thing always does the same thing yet some times the check engine light will come on and D4 will flash and other yes it will not. Only code I got was P0700 and maybe it was P0113.
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Saturday, October 31st, 2020 AT 12:38 PM

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P0700 is a code to tell you that there is a code(s) in the transmission control module. To read them usually takes a higher level scan tool, most of the code reader machines won't read the transmission codes. The dark and smelt bad for the fluid describes burnt fluid from internal transmission heat, usually because of clutch slippage. Either from worn parts or lower that normal pressures. In this case it could be that the wiring changes have caused it, however the first step would be to use a higher level scan tool to read all of the codes. The P0113 code would be for a failed intake air temperature sensor. That could also be wiring related. The way to tell would be to look at the freeze frame data stored for the code. If it shows the IAT temperature to be -40 degrees the wiring to the sensor is broken or disconnected.
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Sunday, November 1st, 2020 AT 2:03 AM

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