2004 Toyota Tacoma



April, 14, 2009 AT 1:10 PM

Interior problem
2004 Toyota Tacoma

I knocked off my interior rear view mirror (roof mounted). When trying to reattach the mirror it seems the only thing holding it up is the plastic clip that is only there for decoration. It is loose and falls if large bumps are hit. I only see two pieces 1) the mirror itself and 2) the small plastic clip.
Am I missing a piece? What do I need to do to reattach the mirror and make it secure?

If you need any more information, please feel free to ask. I'd rather not take the time to see the dealership guys.

Thank you very much for your response and time.


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April, 15, 2009 AT 10:25 AM

Hi Brian,

Is your vehicle double cab, extra cab or regular cab?

With or with map lights?

Do you mean to say the mirror has detached itself from the base?

I have 2 diagrams for the mounting points of different mirrors.



February, 1, 2012 AT 12:30 AM

I just had this same problem with my 2003 Tacoma, after I smacked the rear view mirror out with a 20' 2X12. I had a plastic retainer piece and the mirror, and the mirror didn't seem to sit in snugly when I tried to just put the two pieces back in.

My solution was to remove the entire mirror / light assembly by removing the 4 screws mentioned in the diagram above, and also the wiring harness for the lights. I found two small squeeze pins (about 1/2" long and 1/8" diameter) that had jumped loose from their pressed in spots, which sit inside the mirror housing just to each side of whole where the mirror mounts. I pulled these pins out, rotated them so they were oriented correctly, and then re-assmbled the housing. Problem solved!

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