2005 Toyota Prius



February, 26, 2010 AT 10:35 PM

Brakes problem
2005 Toyota Prius 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 39500 miles

I am working on a car that was hit hard in the front. It was taken apart before I got it. The synergy unit was off and the brake lines on what I call the proportional unit were off. I put them back after looking at an 04. But I had no brakes in the rear the two center lines had no pressure. The top line that has a long shank I moved down one, and put the second line on top. For some reason I now have brakes on three wheels. I have tried changeing other lines but cannot get four wheel brakes. Can you help?


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Service Writer

March, 1, 2010 AT 6:27 PM

This is something that you have to KNOW which lines go where. DO NOT go forward until this is 100%.

Frankly, I don't know the best way other than finding one that has the same set up and looking at it.

IF it means that you look in the paper for someone selling one and ask them if you can look at it to verify what you have then start looking.

I doubt that the dealer is going to have any brake line routing diagrams, I have never seen them yet. Not to say there isn't one, I just haven't seen one.

Once that is accomplished, see what your pedal is like.
There may be procedures to bleed it differently should there still be a problem.

IF there is, I will gladly start looking. But if the lines aren't right, I'd be spinning my wheels.


Service Writer

March, 1, 2010 AT 6:37 PM

I did a little research on this one as I have not been involved on the prius braking systems.

What I am finding is that you will need a capable scanner to bleed the brakes. It appears there are reset procedures that are required by use of the scanner.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Toyota, but technology has gotten a little carried away with the auto.

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