Blown Head Gasket and maintainence

1992 Toyota Previa LE, 143,601 Miles, 2.4L I4

Hello, I've come to ask a question on my parents previa that has a blown head gasket. we've only had the vehicle for 10 days and we discovered it burning oil and white smoke at times pours out the exhaust pipe.

We do not have the finances to repair the head gasket as of now.. and my parents do not seem interested to put any serious amount of money into the previa...

i was wondering what i may do to maximize the performance of the previa while its running with a blown head gasket and what i can do to minimize the effects of the blown head gasket...

i was thinking Doing some Self maintainance and compulsive checking on the fluids every other day to make sure all the fluids are in check... which ones would i need to cover in regards to the head gasket?

some more personal reasons for this question is that i've learned to love this van by reading about it through the great experiences of others, its flexible, has unique looks, rear wheel drive, and very reliable.
we received it last week because our 1994 plymouth grand voyager was taking another dive and we were afraid it would be gone for good. so a close family friend gave us this van... they have not touched it for an uncounted number of months and it has been left outside. the only serious issues with the vehicle is the engine and AC system. im 18 and hoping to adopt this van. its always been a dream. and that dream might be crushed because of our financial situation.

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Sunday, August 12th, 2007 AT 12:33 AM

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It will look better with a forrest green and drop with a 205R50/15 good looking rims.

Okay-you love this van-this what we'll do-find where you can buy a thermagasket its less than 75 dollars- follow the instructions accordingly hey it does work I tried it.-Hey you only die once-take a chance- If not it involves a lot of work trust me I owned 2 of them-now I only have one the 95. And right now your financial status ain't up to par-Bottom line what am trying to tell you if you bring her in-the labor will eat up your back pocket, along with your billfold.

Good Luck
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Sunday, August 12th, 2007 AT 12:54 AM

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