1983 Toyota Pickup



May, 26, 2006 AT 12:31 PM

1983 pickup died while setting at a light.
There is no spark. I pulled a plug and checked for compression and found it. So I assume the timing belt is still there. Found the voltage regulator to be out of range on its resistive readings and replaced it. Distributor cap had a worn point and the rotor looked pretty rough so I replaced those also. The coil tested ok. Cables and plugs look ok. The only part I have left is the igniter. At $300 I'm trying to try anything else I might have missed. Considering the voltage regulator was shot is it possible the igniter did it, or the regulator damaged the igniter? Any ideas are welcome.
Thanks- Dave


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May, 26, 2006 AT 5:44 PM

90% chance it is the ignitor. I would go to the salvage yard and get a used one.



June, 2, 2006 AT 12:10 AM

Hi there!

I've got the same truck (1983 LB), same problem. I'm not getting any spark. I've checked the distributor, air gap, replaced the distri cap, spark plug wires.
The ignition coil was slightly off according to my repair manual (Haynes). I don't remember if it was the primary or secondary resistance. But I replaced it and still nothing.
I'm in the same boat and I don't want to pay 300+ for the ignitor.
What is your compression reading at? Mine seems low (from what the book says), but it's consistent.
I've had other mechanics tell me it's fine. (124ps

Question: Is the voltage regulator the rectangular shaped box right in front of the coil mounted to the side?




June, 2, 2006 AT 7:33 AM

If I had an 83 I would find a salvage yeard and buy a coil and ignitor. They are mounted almost together. No the voltage regulator is internal to the alternator. That device is the ignitor. Good luck

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