1999 Toyota Corolla



June, 8, 2007 AT 4:35 PM

I am using this 99 corolla- CE- 113K mileage.

After my last oil change the oil started leaking, there will be two or three drops under engine, the oil looks light brown and I assume that it is engine oil.

The drops will happen within few mins after I park the car. After few hours the drops are dried out in the ground. I checked the oil level it was above he High point.

I went back to the oil changing station and asked them to fix it. They said they fixed the oil drain gasket. It started pouring more.

Next day they said they fixed the drain gasket and tightned the oil filter and said they fixed what they can, if it is leaking again it may be from Oil pan Gasket.

it was not leaking for a day and started again now like. 2 drops immediately after I park the car. Seems no drops afterwards, because it dries up after few hours.

I am worried. Is it a major issue. Can I live with this problem for some more months. How much would be cost for the repair, if I have to do it immediately.



Oil Leak From Engine


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kin chan

June, 8, 2007 AT 8:17 PM

Is it a repair shop who change ur oil or some kinda lube oil change service franchise. My 96' tacoma had 220k and bone dry with no fluid leaks. It sounds llike when some1 reinstall the drain plug. It got cross threaded so it won't seal. Heh heh heh. We done tons of this repair after some1 stripped the threads..U might wanna consider put everything in writing and take it to a real ASE certify mechanic shop to find out whats goin on.
Good luck man



June, 13, 2007 AT 1:07 PM

Jiffy lube is the shop where I changed oil.

There will two drops one is front of engine I am able to see this drop from top after I open the hood. The other one is little back. This is also little towards the passenger side.

And this leak happens after 5 miles drive and within 5 mins of parking. I am not seeing afterwards.

What are the obvious places for a leak from running engine?

Is there other fluids runs through the places I describer above?

Thanks. Have a nice day.


kin chan

June, 13, 2007 AT 2:10 PM

Sounds like over filled.U must take it to a real mechanic. Completely drain oil and fill in whatever manufacture recommended with dye quart by quart then trace the leaks.

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