2003 Toyota Corolla



May, 13, 2007 AT 7:43 PM

Not so happy with this Toyota Corolla LE 2003. 109000 miles automatic.4 months after purchased spend few hours with the ac blowing hot air and all of the sudden kicked in on its own to never ever have a problem with it again until of course the extended warranty expired. Started blowing cold and hot air intermitently about 2 months ago. Then blew couple of times cold only if car was on but I was at a stop. Then will only blow hot air. The heat blows hooter air. Took it to 2 shops. AC supposedly fine and it might be a relay that they want 3 to 5 hundred to pin point. It has freon pressure and the fuses are all ok. AC Lines are always hot never cold : (
PLease help summer is already here.
joe from FLorida


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May, 14, 2007 AT 1:25 PM

A little relay in the fusebox under the hood was the troublemaker. I had check all fuses but this one was left unmark and undescribed by toyota in the user manual. Relay changed $53.00
Having AC back in middle of Florida Summer

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