2007 Toyota Corolla



November, 29, 2008 AT 10:51 AM

Transmission problem
2007 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 20,000 miles

i have an 97 corolla that keeps losing tranny fluid, I can tell when it starts to shift hard, so I check the level. When I find its low I toped it off with the corect fluid and went on my way. About a month later it started doing the same thing again and checked the level and was low again. Being a new car this concerned me to find the reasion why its losing tranny fluid. No leaks are on the ground at all and the dealer verrifified that it wasnt leaking. Then discovered that the engine oil was about 3 qts too high and the tranny was 3 qts low. How is this happening? The dealer pawned it off on me saying I must have drained the tranny oil and topped off the motor oil causing these levels to be off. Im not a dumbass I know where a drain plug is and I would have noticed it was red fluid if that was the case. The dealer is going to test the motor oil to see if there is any tranny fluid in it at my cost if it comes back negative. In short how is my car loosing tranny fluid and gainging motor oil?


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November, 30, 2008 AT 7:52 AM

There is no direct path from the trans. To the oil pan.

The trans. Will usually leak from the axle seals, pan gasket, front seal, convertor or a crack somewhere.
The oil is also sealed at the trans connection (rear main seal).

The trans does send trans fluid to the radiator oil cooler, which can rupture and cause trans fluid to get into the coolant.

I would also agree the dealer needs some training in customer relations.

My suggestion is this, Have the dealer change oil, oil filter and trans fluid.
Do not touch the oil or trans fluid dipsticks and bring it back to dealer in a month to check both levels. If either level is off, then have them find the problem.

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