2005 Toyota Corolla Driver's Door Actuator

2005 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl

The locking function of the front driver's door quit responding to all electronical locks/unlocks. It does still function as a manual lock. I was told I needed a new actuator which I purchased and I'm looking for help on how to replace this part myself. How do I take apart the door properly to get to this part?
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Remove the mirror/speaker cover, it should pop right off.
Pop off the door handle cover.
On vehicles without power windows, place a soft cloth under the window regulator handle and pull upwards on the cloth to release the snapring. Remove the regulator handle and plate.
Remove the arm rest screw, the angle is slightly awkward.
Remove all the screws located around the door panel.
Some clips and screws are hidden, watch for them it makes panel removal difficult.
Remove the door lamp lens using a taped small prytool.
Remove the door switch assembly and disconnect the wiring.
Once all components are removed from the door panel, carefully separate the panel form the door.

To install:

Connect the electrical wiring, if equipped, and install the trim panel onto the door.
Secure the trim panel with the mounting screws, then install screw caps and speaker cover(s).
Install the armrest and secure with the mounting screw. Install the power window switch as required.
Install the door courtesy lamp. Install the inside handle bezel.
Install the outside rear view mirror cover and retainer.
Connect the inside handle to the control link. Install the handle, slide it rearward and install the screw.
With the door window fully closed, install the window regulator handle.
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