2002 Toyota Corolla



October, 22, 2009 AT 1:04 PM

Electrical problem
2002 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

I have a 2002 corolla. Parking lights AND brake lights stay on. The only way I have gotten them to turn off is by removing the 15A fuse on the fuse panel to the left of the steering wheel. I have tried everything from all of the other message boards. I removed the DRL relay which does not turn them off, I unplugged every relay under the hood and under the dash on the driver side and none of them turned these lights off. The only thing that works is removing that fuse. The only other solution I have seen posted is that the ground wires are not functioning properly. Please advise.

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October, 22, 2009 AT 1:59 PM

Hi riald0,

Thank you for the donation.

Can you let me know which fuse was removed?

Did you check the brake switch? Unplug it to see if the lights goes off.



October, 22, 2009 AT 2:27 PM

I removed the 15A " tail" fuse. And to clarify it is not the brake lights that stay on it is the tail lights and front parking lights that stay on. And yeah I did unplug the brake switch with no results. I just realized that it may be the switch that controls the parking lights, but I dont know for sure.



October, 23, 2009 AT 7:21 AM

At the rear of the fuse box where you pulled the fuse, there is a taillight relay. It could be sticking and causing the taillights to stay on intermittently.

Try swapping the taillight relay to see if it resolves the problem.

To test if it is the light switch, unplug the light switch connector under the steering column and light would go off if it is the cause.

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