2000 Toyota Corolla



February, 7, 2008 AT 7:12 AM

Computer problem
2000 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 117600 miles

I have replaced the MAF, cleaned the throttle body, replaced the PVC valve, air filter & plugs. I am saving the costly " before CAT" 02 sensor for last. After about a week the check engine light reappears & the same code everyone sees (P01 something.&Quot; lean fuel mixture" ) gets thrown. Many folks have gone straight to replacing the 02 sensors & CAT, and still throw that code. I have checked the plugs and they are dry, so I don't think I have a stuck ring/piston, however the engine still burns quite a bit of oil. Also,
there is no oil on the ground. Could it be a stuck valve? Just short of removing the bulb so I don't have to look at the engine light, or disconnecting/connecting the battery once a week,
Is there any inexpensive avenue left to pursue?
Is there anything else besides the gas tank cap or filler neck I can consider? Thanks for your help.


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March, 2, 2008 AT 10:38 AM

I also own a 2000 Corolla (215,000 miles) My check engine light came on about a little more than your mileage and produced the same codes. The dealer really screwed me because the code is not specific according to them. They said I needed a new CAT $1200-1400 or new OXYGEN sensor $300-400 or some stupid MASS AIR flow $. Well of course I am going with the cheapest repair to get the light off and had them do OXYGEN sensor and MASS AIR flow (600+dollars) that did not do anything.
If you haven't yet got a new CAT Converter on your exhaust, have it done at by small town mechanic for $200 (supplies and labor). The light will go out and stay off at least a year or 2.
Another note is my car is also burning lots of oil. Which I add weekly. My car now has a new problem of losing power at idle (engine shakes hard) and full acceleration, also the check engine light fades on and off as the car drives. At first I thought it was some poor quality gas so I added STP fuel injector cleaner and gas treatment. It did nothing. I am afraid it could be sludge build up or maybe the exhaust system again.
Any ideas?



March, 3, 2008 AT 6:23 AM

Have the CAT checked for excessive backpressure. If it is clogged it must be replaced, or you will continue to do damage to the engine.
You can buy aftermarket CAT's from the large mail order high performance companies for under $150 in some cases.
Convertors can fail because of fuel mixture issues or from an impact (tree limbs, rocks you run over).

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