1999 Toyota Corolla Fan Motor Noise

Noises problem
1999 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Can someone tell me how to access the fan motor on a 1999 Toyota Corolla. Noise is coming from the high speeds.
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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 AT 11:29 AM

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Are we talking about the aircondition blower motor inside the car. I just researched this one for a 2000 corolla. Hope it is the same.

You will need: a Phillips screwdriver, a regular screwdriver a 10mm socket, and an 8mm socket.

1. Open the glove box.

2. Inside the frame of the glove box - part of the dashboard, not part of the box that opens - are three screws on top. Remove them with the Phillips screwdriver.

3. Use the regular screwdriver and start prying the plastic frame off from inside the glove box area - the same piece you just removed the screws from. Right and left edges will snap out but could take some force - don't worry too much about breaking it; it should snap out before it breaks.

4. When the frame is pried off, there are two bolts behind it, left and right sides. These hold metal braces. Remove these bolts. You'll have to pull back on the plastic frame to see them, reach them, and while you're turning to remove them.

5. On the bottom left of the glove box - way down on the very bottom, if you don't see it, keep looking down down down, there's another screw that removes with a Phillips. Remove it.

6. Now for the hard part. There' a goofy pin-type plastic piece where the passenger's feet go, far right side, up on the top edge of the right-side plastic piece that covers the right side of the wall. This piece will run along side the right edge of the passenger's feet area and will wrap around to the passenger's door area. Pliers are the way to go, to get this out. It has a Phillips groove; you can turn until you're blue in the face and it won't come off. Pry it off with pliers.

7. When that piece is off, you need to (again) pry up the plastic piece on the bottom of the passenger's door area; this is to get to the last bolt holding in that other plastic piece. It's tricky; study it and play around with it and you'll see how it's put together. That plastic piece that runs along the bottom of the inside of the passenger's door, the end closest to the door hinges, is what you need to lift up to finish removing that right-side plastic piece.

8. When the plastic piece is off, the last bolt will be exposed. Remove it and the glove compartment assembly will come out (at long last).

9. The blower and motor assembly is now reachable. The motor is facing straight up; you'll see a cylinder-type black object against the right wall of the car under the right side of the glove box area. Under this are three gold-ish screws; you really need to be lying down with a flashlight to see them. Remove these and unplug the only two wires going into the blower, and you're all set - the blower and motor will drop down.

10. Use pliers to squeeze and remove the clamp holding the fan onto the motor shaft.

11. Now the hard part. You will need a lot of patience and another person to get the fan off the motor shaft. It will look like there is no way to get it off without breaking it. We took two butter knives, slipped them under the fan (the tall plastic wheel that IS the fan blades) and started applying equal pressure to both sides of the bottom of the fan; each time it might move 1/10 of a millimeter. Lots of patience, don't give up, just keep prying, prying, prying. Eventually with enough tenacity it'll slowly work its way off.
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