1999 Toyota Corolla Engine check light (ECL) on since Jan 1

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I have been driving 99 corolla since 2001. Right now it has 117,000 miles. I never had any problem with this car untill Jan 19th, 2009. I hit a pothole and my engine check light (ECL) came on after a minute or so. I took the car to the toyota dealer next day morning and was told to replace the Catalytic converter (P0442). I did so in next few days. After a few weeks ECL came back. I took it to the dealer and I was told that it was a EVAP problem (P0441) and I may not have properly fitted the gas cap. Same day in the afternoon the ECL was on again 3rd time. Again I went to the dealer and this time I was told the probelm was with the purge valve (P0446) and it needs to be replaced. The dealer cleaned the purge valve and I was told that I have to replace the purge valve if Engine light comes back on again. Well after a week as usual engine light came back on. The dealer is advising to replace the purge valve. For a second opinion I went to the local autorepair shop. After running the daignostic test I was told that I may need to replace the sensor and the hoses (Codes P0441 and P0446). I was told that purge valve is fine. Both the dealer and the manager of the local autorepair told that car is going run fine even without fixing this problem. I run a search of the diagnostic codes and found that 99 corolla have a probelm in the electronic control module (ECM). Toyotta issued a service technical bulletin in 99 to have it replaced and this service was covered till 96 weeks or 80,000 miles. Now I am sure the problem is due to ECM and not anything else. Plus I can, t take advantage of toyota TSB. I shall be grateful if you can provide me a feedback so that I can rectify this problem.
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Thursday, March 19th, 2009 AT 11:04 AM

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Talk to Toyota service manager about replacing the PCM (maybe you pay labor, they pay parts). If mgr. Will not help, talk directly to Toyota and complain. Have all supporting documentation ready to fax to them (TSB, service records etc.)

OR, go to junk yard and find used PCM that has been replaced under warranty (should have a tag on it that says TSB #xxxx) and have it installed.
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Friday, March 20th, 2009 AT 5:59 AM

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