1985 Toyota Corolla Carburetor? Gasket?

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I have a 1985 toyota corolla with a rebuilt engine and 120,000 miles on the car, only 8,000 on this new engine. I got a intake gasket leak repaired 4 months ago and a new gas pump. A month ago my car started having problems starting when it was cold or hot, and I would have to pump the gas like crazy to get it to stay on, and it would idle high and shake a lot, and sometimes white smoke would come out the exhaust. A week and a half ago ago it started to run hot, so I put some more antifreeze and water in my car, and I took it to midas for an inspection and they told me I have a manifold leak and some type of carburetor problem but my engine and everything else was just fine and didn’t see anything wrong with my heads or gaskets. Yesterday, my car kept cutting off if I was at a red light for too long and emitted a massive amount of white smoke and completely shut down and refused to start and only would sputter and produce massive amounts of white smoke. The white smoke I speak of is steam I believe, because its odorless. And my dad repeatly checked my oil and told me their wasn’t any water in it. What could this problem be? Thx
Monday, February 1st, 2010 AT 12:54 PM

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I say get it block and pressure tested to find out if its the headgasket, cracked head or block or an intake manifold leak -Its leaking somewhere when the engine comes up to operating temperature this is where it opens up
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Monday, February 1st, 2010 AT 1:06 PM

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