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August, 28, 2007 AT 4:11 PM

I have a 1988 Toyota Camry 2.0L 195,000 miles Automatic. I replaced the front brake pads and got some air in the line and started having brake sticking problems a few months later. The brakes have more recently started sticking on to the point of not releasing after about 15 minutes of driving. I crack open the bleeder valve and release the pressure and it is fine for a few more minutes. If let to sit several hours it is good again for another 15 minutes. I have replaced the driver side caliper (the side that is sticking) I have bleed the brakes. I replaced rotors and pads on both sides and bleed brakes again. Still having the problem. I have bought the brake hose to replace that but am getting frustrated with fixing things that aren't the problem. Could it possible be the hose or would it be a waste of time? And special tools need to replace that hose? Frustrated and wanting to make it to 200,000.


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Service Writer

August, 28, 2007 AT 5:04 PM

Actually I would have said brake hoses would be a reasonable possiblility. They can collapse internally. Make sure the caliper isn't twisting the hose when you install the caliper.

And relax. Auto repair is frustrating, but pat yourself on the back for saving tons of money by getting the most out of your car. Very wise financial move.



August, 28, 2007 AT 5:05 PM

Could be the hose collasped inside and acting like a check valve not returning the fluid back to the M/C or the M/C itself.

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