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  • 1994 Toyota Camry

My car is leaking oil. When I drive, and turn on my heating, I can smell a little bit of burning oil (a little stronger smell when i'm going slower, or am slowing down.) I usually takes about 15mins for the smell to start, and doesn't happen all the time.

The oil leak is on the front right passenger side. I took the car to a local mechanic, and was told 1) replace cam seal and crank seal 2) replace rocker cover gasket and 3) replace oil pan gasket. Seems to me like that's a little excesive, and they don't know exactly what's wrong. Any idea on how I can find out what needs to be done? Any way I can do the repairs myself? Any quick fixes (ie. Oil sealant). I really don't drive the car too much, maybe 500km per month.


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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006 AT 10:59 AM

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The best way to find an oil leak is wash the engine when the car is cold. Run it a bit and see where the oil leak eminates.

All Camrys, but especially four-cylinders, can have a problem with engine sludge. Check the V6 for head gasket leaks. Check four-cylinders for oil leaks at the O-ring of the distributor. Check coolant levels and watch for leaks.

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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006 AT 12:04 PM

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