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September, 3, 2008 AT 11:00 PM

Noises problem
2002 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 115000 miles

2002 4 cyl Toyota Camry, 115.000 miles. Problems (seemingly related): 1. Rattling valves. 2. Oil burning- about quart every 1000 miles (no blue smoke) 3. Check engine light - exhaust problem (catalytic converter ). Also-no visible leak; no spots under the car, no smell of burning oil while running. Interesting occurrence is that when I replenish a missing quart of oil, inside 20 miles of driving check engine light disappears for next 200-300 hundreds miles and then reappears again, (rattle stays there all the time). If someone could help me with diagnosis and provide with advice on suitable solution I'd be very obliged. Thanks Tom


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September, 4, 2008 AT 5:41 AM

Get the codes checked first. More than likely the convertor is shot because of the oil burning (if it's not leaking it's being burned), as well as the O2 sensor(s).

Have a compression test done on the engine to see if there is a weak cylinder (rings, or valves).
The rattling is either the valve adjustment (Toyota uses shims), or possibly a timing chain, or a problem with the VVTi or the PCM (excessive ignition advance). Could also be some bad gasoline, but it should run fine on 87 octane.

You want to get the rattle fixed ASAP, as this can cause severe engine damage.

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