2000 Toyota Camry Check Engine light

Computer problem
2000 Toyota Camry Front Wheel Drive Automatic

How do I turn off the Check Engine light? I've taken it to mechanics and they say nothing is wrong. They tell me the gas cap must not have been on tight. So I make sure it is always tight and it just comes on again.

Once for months no one could tell me what the problem was. (But they are more than happy to charge me to turn the light off, just to have it come back on the next day.) They hook it up to a computer and say that no problems register. My wife had a Sienna that had the same problem and the dealer conned her into buying a new gas cap. For a year old car! (No, it didn't help.)

Now my Camry is doing it again. A very good mechanic tells me that the diagnostics say the car is fine. He charged me to turn the light off, told me to keep the gas cap tight (which I always do) and the light just came back on.

All I want it to be able to turn the light off for inspection. They will fail it for inspection (even if the computer says everything is fine) if this light is on. I don't want to pay more blood money to a mechanic to turn this off just for inspection. This "check engine" feature is worthless in my opinion. I rely on regular check-ups and my own senses to spot problems. The light is just a money-making gimmic Toyota dreamed up.

How do I turn this light off?
Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, October 30th, 2008 AT 10:21 AM

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Please read this link first.


Did the mechanic gave you a Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) reading which starts with a letter "P" then numbers. Maybe the mechanics here could help you.

To turn off the engine light on, buy the OBD 2 scanner with a feature that turns the check engine light off/ resets the computer ($100). Or you can remove one side of the battery terminal, wait for one minute and install it back.

You still have to run your car for around 25 to 50 miles before inspection because car's computer is resetting.
If you have it smog inspection check before that, it will still fail because cars computer will transmit data that it is not ready for inspection, still resetting signals from all emssion components.

By the way, I always put a new gas cap before inspection (around $12 at any auto supply). I also bought this OBD 2 scanner. Very useful, easy to use and very helpful during smog inspections.
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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 AT 3:13 PM

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