1993 Toyota Camry



August, 22, 2007 AT 11:08 AM

1993 toyota camry XLE
V6 3.0
102000 miles

I have a check engine light that comes on after driveing the car for a few minutes. The car seems to run fine all fluids are at normal levels and no other problems are noted when the MIL comes on. The check engine light flashes a code of 55. Resetting the code only clears it for a short while. I cannot find this OBD1 code anywhere. The Overdriive light also flashes when the connector is jumpered. I cannot find any info on this and do not know if it is normal.

All I am asking is what the code means and where to begin troubleshooting.


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August, 22, 2007 AT 8:34 PM

Hi there,

Code 55 is for the (rear) knock sensor. You will have to.

1. Check the resistance between the terminals KNK1 and earth KNK2 and earth.

2. If the resistance at either terminal is not approx 1.4 M/ohms, check the wiring and terminals between the ECU and the knock sensors, if no fault can be found replace the knock sensor.

3. If the resistance is approx 1.4 M/ohms and the code keeps setting, the fault will be in the ECU.

Mark (mhpautos)

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