2000 Suzuki Vitara



February, 19, 2009 AT 7:03 AM

Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
2000 Suzuki Vitara 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive 100100 miles

I was needing to know what tools I need to replace the front axels on my grand vitara. Is it standard or metric? Will I need sockets, wernches, and what sizes?


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Dave H

February, 19, 2009 AT 7:33 AM

A mechanics tool kit should have all the tools you need ..

Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheels. Drain transaxle fluid. Remove locking hub, if equipped. Remove circlip from axle shaft. On right side of vehicle, remove stabilizer ball joint nut. Remove castle nut from tie rod end. Remove mounting bolts from brake caliper. Remove caliper from steering knuckle, and wire aside. Remove stud nut from steering knuckle.
Support lower suspension arm with a jack. Remove lower strut bracket bolts. Lower jack and disconnect knuckle from lower suspension control arm. Pull outer joint from hub. Use large screwdrivers or pry bars to pry right inner joint from differential. To remove left inner joint, remove mounting bolts from inner joint flange. Pull outer joint from hub. Remove axles from vehicle.
NOTE:DO NOT disassemble CV joints. If joint is faulty, replace as an assembly. DO NOT disassemble differential side joint assembly.

Fig. 5: Exploded View Of FWD Axle Components (Grand Vitara & Vitara)

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