1995 Other Suzuki Models which way does coolant flow?

  • 1995 SUZUKI
Engine Cooling problem
1995 Other Suzuki Models 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 214k miles

Having passenger heat problem. Upper hose gets warm, so does both heater core hoses, lower hose seems a little cooler. I also have a 92 tracker (different motor) that has great heat. Sites suggest a stuck open thermo or blockage, but all hoses get warm during driving but cabin heat is low and of course I use the 95 for paper delivery (its a bit beaten up and the 92 is my wifes and is tricked a bit with only 97k miles and we dont want to beat it with stop n go driving. What can I check before I start tearing stuff apart and spending bucks? Is there a true engine flush that will work if stuff is blocked and finally will gas milage suffer with open thermo because last couple of days I seem to have dropped in efficiancy
Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 AT 10:16 AM

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Coolant issues. WHAT MODEL CAR?
Not sure of your issue.
You said "passenge heat is low, right?"
NO passenger heat or too low, right?

there are only 3 things (2 really) that cause that.

On trackers and sidekicks. (Guessing again)

1: someone put the wrong gasket on the thermostat
there are 2 types in 95
1 is paper gasket
other is special o-ring.

When this is wrong, the thermost with o-ring missing will float up and motor will never get to full temp.
It must be 180deg. If it drops below 150 it will suck gas like crazy , real bad.

Do not ever run a motor with out a thermostat.

Possible 2.

The flapper on the heater core, called a damper by suzuki, must move.
Move the temp contorls and see it move proportionally, it it dont at the end point bell crank then the cable is bad.

Possible 3, core clogged.

Fush the system. Most store bought flush is useless orange peel junk.
Just use water and back flush everything !

Click my link below
then overheating
then click too cold
or click this.

If you had and IR heat gun, this would all be known in 1 second.
Point shoot, ahh, motor is hot.
Or it is not. No guessing.

$20tool at harbor fright. On sale. (No promo)

see SNAFU.

See over heating link on my main page.
It answer all those other questions you asked.

Flow top to down in rad, as 1 example.
Was this
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 AT 7:43 PM

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