2007 Subaru Outback Engine quit and will not start. Has Er

  • 6 CYL
  • AWD
  • 30,389 MILES
Engine shut down on my 2007 Subaru Legacy Outback with just over 32,000 miles. Wife was sitting for a red light and the engine quit. Electronics continue to work and the engine fan motor continued to run but the engine shut down and would not restart. Tried second set of keys, still no results. When you turn the ignition key a "Er HC" code appeared over the mileage indicator on the speedometer. Checked owner manual but could not find anything on "Er HC" code. Had the vehicle towed to a local repair shop but the diagnostic came up as a dealer code so they could not make a determination to fix the problem. The nearest Subaru dealer is 50 miles away and we can not afford the tow so the vehicle is still parked at the local repair shop. Called dealership and was told there was no recall on this problem and the vehicle is out of basic warranty by two months. They charge $90.00 hour just for the diagnostic. Sorry for small donation but I was laid off and we are desperate. Please help with any suggestions on how to fix this. Should Subaru help pay for the repairs?
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Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 AT 9:52 PM

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SPEEDOMETER GENERAL The speedometer system is an electrical type that uses electric signals from the ABS or vehicle dynamics control (VDC) control module. Since the system does not use mechanical components such as rotating cable, there are no opportunities of occurring such problems as meter needle vibration and cable disconnection. Also, it does not constitute any means of mechanical noise transmission. The odometer and trip meter readings appear on a liquid crystal display (LCD). At the trip meter display, the illumination level and the following trouble information (abnormality of various control modules, communication system, vehicle speed signals, etc.) are shown in addition to the trip meter reading. Page 1 of 1 1/20/2010 ...


CAN=Cotroller area network. Scan for additional codes and check wires between spped sensor at transmission to PCM. Check fuses as well. Can be wiring or bad TCM or body integrated unit. I sent a PDF via email for the tech...Make sure to scan for additional codes, Er HC only points to a communcation problem any module or ECM can cause it.
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Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 AT 9:13 AM

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