Stall'd and wont start again

Subaru dl 1989 314.0144 I was driveing down the road and then I started to here this tic tic tic sound and then a zap sound then the car stall'd I try'd starting it and it sounds like it's really trying but wont iam a singel dad with two young son's I really need my car running if eney one has eney suggestion I would be verey greatfull. Thanks
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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 AT 10:13 PM

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First pull distributer cap, Have someone crank engine while you watch the rotor(in distributer) it should spin around while engine cranks if it doesn't, You have a bad timming belt, Get a manual and replace.
If it does spin, Pull out a spark plug put the wire on, hold the threaded part against the engine block (to ground) crank engine and see if you have a spark.
If you have a spark Try to start the engine with a shot of starting fluid sprayed into the air intake(air filter). If it starts then stalls in a second or two, You have a fuel problem, Disconnect the fuel line from the carb. Turn key on and fuel should flow from the hose (turn off key as soon as you see fuel from hose),
If no fuel from hose, go to the rear pass. Side of car get down on the ground have someone turn key to run and listen for the fuel pump, (right in front of gas tank. If it is running, replace the rear and/or front fuel filters, until you get gas from the hose at the engine.
If not remove test andif needed replace fuel pump, If it tests good out of the car but won't run installed, Then locate and test the fuel pump relay.
If you get it run but not good try a compression test,
Also check for anything binding or broken. Hope this helps!
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