June, 2, 2007 AT 5:04 PM

I just bought a 1996 Subaru outback legacy in Oregon and drove it to Taos NM where I live. The car has 61,000 miles and I am not sure of the engine size.
It is a stick. The problem is it idles low at stops, about
500 or less and sometimes it stalls at a long light or going around turns from a stop. It always starts right up and
most of the time it does not stop, but just loses power.
I had the fuel filter changed and put in gas cleaner. I have taken it in twice and they can't find the problem. Nothing comes up on the computer. Now today the check engine light came on. Any ideas? Thanks


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July, 13, 2007 AT 8:35 PM

In response to annie9 & her subaru outback
my subaru impreza wrx 1996 ej20t dohc 16v with the coil over spark plug type.

My car was hunting, idle was dropping very low only once did it nearly stall, was idling rough

this only happened on startup, you stopped at stop signs or sat & reved it up. It also did it when the a/c cut in
temp sensor has been replaced
my car has done very similar to yours I have had at two subaru mechs & neither had any idleas i'v had the neutral switch checked the air flow meter, the only code in the computer was orginaly 45 which stod for absoultue pressure sensor but it was only there because of the idle gettin to low.
I had run two subaru upper engine cleaners through this difintly stopped the rough idle its very ; smooth now. The iacv settings had being flutuatting between 29.8% & 34%on the 13 july another code arrived which was 24 which is idle air contol solenoid valve at no point did the check engine light come on I had the car at another very on to it suby mech yesterday & he connected the select monitor to car & checked settings then drove car the iacv settings had changed durining this short trip so he pulled intercooler of, tps, throttle buterfly etc etc. He wasn't sure if this would fix the problem but said to take the car home & _ let him know results
he wonders if it is a vacuum leak or the air flow meter is bad but still operating within its parameters therfore not bringing check engin light on

do you have any thoughts

thanks carlisa

could you please reply to sales@dargavilleprint. Co. Nz



July, 15, 2007 AT 2:00 PM

Sorry I forgot to include kms 80039



August, 3, 2007 AT 3:52 PM

I have finally got my car back from the mechanic in auckland it seems my problem was the o2 sensor, air flow meter, & it needed 2 subaru upper engine cleaners through. I also had the intake checked for leaks & the idle control valve checked. Thanks

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