1989 Subaru



February, 21, 2007 AT 4:13 PM

I have a 1989 Subaru Gl 1.8L 4W/Drive with around 80K miles on its second motor. I was driving down the interstate doing 75 mph when my rearend locked up. I towed the car back home and replaced the rear axl. I proceeded to try to start the vehicle and it wouldnt start. I removed the distributor cap and turned the engine over and it didnt move. I have tore down the front end and replaced the timing belts. I first aligned the #2 belt with the locator on the plastic housing and the crank with the three lines alligned at the locator on the casting. I rotated the engine 360 deg. Untill the crank was inline again and put on the #1 belt I checked to see if the distributer was facing the #1 pistion and then tried to crank it up and if fails to start. It cranks smoothly at first but becomes slugish like it is 180 off. Can you please help me. Lesslie.


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kin chan

February, 21, 2007 AT 4:44 PM

Did the engine spin?



February, 27, 2007 AT 3:27 PM

Align the crankshaft so the middle of the three marks on the fly wheel or flexplate are lined up with the pointer at the top back of the bell housing. Point the dot on the drivers side camshaft down to the mark on the inner timing cover. Put he Passenger side Camshaft with the dot pointing up at the mark in the inner timing cover and away you should go



March, 18, 2007 AT 3:09 AM

It pays to move things aside and start engine before reassembling, in case you have a problem, If it starts but runs crappy turn the crank back to the " III" marks, pull he front belt then rotatet that cam 180 reinstal belt adjust tensioners then try again. I've always had succes on my 1st or 2nd try.

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