Extreme Left Front Wheel Noise

2002 Subaru Forester AWD with 97,784 miles of trouble free driving because I am fanatical about upkeep maintenance. Brake pads were to 10 % remaining so I had front brakes replaced -& rotors machined and installed BG grake kit to pads and installed front brakes. I left the service center and headed back to my home 100 miles away. At 70 miles out (having made only right hand turns since servicing) I heard (somewhere in the vicinity of the left front wheel) what sounded like I'd hit a fist-sized rock on what I thought was a clear, clean highway.

Thirty miles later -continuing at 75 MPH -making 3 more right hand turns near home - nothing - then a left hand turn into my driveway - and a severe KLUNK - Grind - HEAVY metallic sound coming from the left front wheel. I drove very slowly the 20 foot length of my drive and when I drove onto the little raised apron joining the drive and the garage the KLUNK and GRIND was extreme. I backed out onto the drive; reapplied the brake repeatedly which caused a loud grinding KLUNK every time I touched the brake, driving either forward or backward. When I got out of the car the smell of hot metal was very prominent.

There was absolutely no steering wobble or any other changes in the way the car handled during the 100 mile drive home.

Has the brake job gone wrong and/or caused a wheel problem? OR do I have a simultaneous totally separate new problem? I tried driving the car again a few hours later only to very carefully and slowly creep back home after a half block of terrifying Wheel's-Gonna-Fall-Off noises!
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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007 AT 10:07 AM

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1. Have you tried to jack up the front wheel with trani in neutral and spun the tire? Does it spin freely, with same resistance as the other side?
2. Take off the front tires and compair the left to the right. Do you have brake pads on both sides of the rotor?
3. When diriving and applying the brake does the peddle pulse up and down?
4. Does the tire wobble medially or laterally when you try to move it by hand left and right when jacked up.
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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007 AT 11:11 PM

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