1989 Subaru Legacy



May, 11, 2010 AT 5:16 AM

Transmission problem
1989 Subaru Legacy Automatic

Hi there,
I have a 89 subaru legacy with a tramission prolem.
A while back I thought it would be fun to do some skids on the road. It was a silly idea. As a result of going in reverse and then slamming it into drive it did something horrible. The car doesnt not take off as it used to. It seems as if it is trying to take of in 4th because it ''crawls'' along for a while and then once it gets up near 60 70 km/ph it picks up speed quicker. It feels like its strungling or something.
Any help would be greatly apprecitated, Cheers

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May, 12, 2010 AT 5:40 AM

You got an internal damage in the tranny to find out get it pressure tested

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