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  • 5.7L
  • V8
  • AWD
  • 85,000 MILES
The stereo display is black, but CD player is playing. It came back on for ten minutes yesterday and went out again. Loose connection?
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Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 AT 3:52 PM

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This is getting too new for me, but in the 1990's, intermittent display was real common an the Chrysler radios built by Alpine. Some were a real quick fix. Some required substantial disassembly. The intermittent solder connections were due to automated manufacturing techniques that kept me busy in the TV repair shop for years. Once those problems were repaired, they were generally repaired for life.

Chrysler's better radios were built by Mitsubishi. Their CD / cassette combo radios are some of the highest-quality I've ever seen. I have one transplanted into my 1994 Grand Caravan right now. Those never had a display problem, but they had other intermittent problems that again, once repaired, never acted up again.

The fact that your display came back for a few minutes proves the problem is not due to a total failure of a part, like a blown fuse or burned resistor. A bad solder connection is a good suspect, but since I have never worked on one this new, I cannot tell you where to look. You might inquire at a local TV repair shop, if you can still find one. They wont be able to power the radio on their work bench, but they can look around for broken connections, and they may be able to run the radio from your dash wiring while they have it apart. A signal is needed from your car's Body Computer to tell the radio to turn on.
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Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 AT 1:37 AM

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