Stalling when engine at running temperature

  • 1999 BMW 535I
  • 29,000 MILES
I have been encountering stalling when coming to a stand still, and a slight hunting of the engine on stopping, the car runs smooth and with normal pulling power when driving, (car at running temperature).
So I took it to my local BMW dealership who did a full test on the system and could not find a fault. I decided to change the 8 spark plugs ( like for like) and on 2 of them found oil' on and around the plug threads near to the sparking area, the 6 other plugs where dry and the colour u would expect ( light grey)
So I'm thinking maybe this could be a cause for the stalling, I would be most grateful if you could you please advise on my comments or any other suggestions you may have. Once again thank you for your help. John Roberts
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Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 AT 1:12 PM

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The oil on the threads of the plugs is probably just a slight leak at the valve cover in the hole the plugs go in. But since you have no codes you may want to check your air and fuel filters. Also its sounds to me like you might even have a small vacuum leak. With the engine running at idle you can spray carb cleaner on all the hoses and intake and listen for a slight increase in idle speed. That's a vacuum leak
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Saturday, January 25th, 2014 AT 5:38 PM

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