Sliding door won't open. Same problem as Oct. 11 2007

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 155,000 MILES
Hi, You helped with this same problem "Oct. 11, 2007. I have removed the door handle from inside, by removing the rivets, giving me the ability to put more pressure on the shaft that goes to the back latch. The back latch sounds like it opens, but the back of the door still remains solid. If the latch is damaged in some way, how does one go removing it, since there is not access panel to it?
I have cut a hole on the backside of the door, where the rubber plugs fit, where one can adjust some bolts (3). I was able to put my hand and move the latch wire arm where the latch is in the back. I could not feel the latch, however, and not able to see the latch.
No amount of pressure on the door, pushing out, towards the back or the front, has made any difference.
I have also pushed, pulled and lifted the door from the outside, with no results.
The door was difficult to open before, then it remained totally shut.
I am have loosed the roller on the the inside front part of the door. This made the bottom moveable, but did not help.
Is there some type of latch at the front of the door also, besides the latch in the back?

I am puzzled that Ford would make a door, that if the latch failed and the door will not open, that there is not way access it to fix it, with out cutting up the car sheet metal.
Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.
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Friday, May 16th, 2014 AT 2:33 PM

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Note hopefully you have removed the trim panel prior to trying to remove door. Also if latch won't unlock feel around for a rod disconnected as the clip may be plastic and broke.

Remove quarter trim panel (31012) or access hole cover plate. Refer to Section 01-05B.

Mark the position of upper guide bracket, lower guide bracket and the body side hinge bracket.

Remove the three bolts holding the body side hinge bracket.

Release the door latch, pull the body side hinge from the door and swing the door straight out to the side.

While supporting the door, remove the upper guide bracket bolts.

Remove the lower guide bolts, and remove the door.

For installation, follow removal procedures in reverse order. Align upper and lower hinge brackets to disassembly marks. Tighten attaching bolts to 22-34 Nm (16-25 lb-ft).

1 N621926-S36 Nut
2 25028 Roller Assembly, Body Side Door, Upper Guide
3 N605907-S40 Bolt
4 24618 Bracket Assembly, Body Side Door, Upper Guide
5 26094 Shim, Body Side Door, Upper Guide
6 26800 Hinge Assembly, Body Side Door
7 N606688-S2 Screw and Washer Assembly
8 268A26 Guide Assembly, Body Side Door, Lower
9 N605907-S101 Bolt
10 N99J291 Gasket
11 1126028 Track Assembly, Body Side Door, Center Track
12 N610022-S55 Screw
13 26868 Filler Assembly, Body Side Door, Center Track
14 383356-S100 Nut
15 N606688-S55 Bolt
16 N805825-S Washer
17 1528458 Reinforcement (Extended Aerostar Only)
A Tighten to 5-6 Nm
(44-53 Lb-In)
B Tighten to 22-34 Nm
(16-25 Lb-Ft)
C Tighten to 17-20 Nm
(13-15 Lb-Ft)
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