Severe battery drain

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Replaced new batter multiple times and battery is drained to the point the car wont start after just a few days. Issue started with corrosion on both terminals to the point negative terminal connector needed replacement because it cracked. Cut connector off both positive and negative and replaced them. Replaced the battery multiple times and still drained. Replaced the alternator thinking that was the issued and replaced the battery. Battery died less than a week. Replaced battery and began unhooking connections when car was parked. Checked fuses and found the fuse for the cigarette lighter was blown. Replaced fuse. Was driving the car and rolled drivers window down. Noticed the battery gauge was draining quickly draining to the point drove three blocks and battery was dead. Car would not restart. Replaced battery again and began unhooking terminals when car was parked, thinking there was a parasitic drain when car was turned off. Battery still died after a few days. Alternator does not appear to be charging battery correctly. Thinking it may be the battery cables or ignition switch. Planning to get the wires replaced as they may be faulty and corroded, but would like to know if there may be another cause I haven't considered yet.
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Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 AT 9:18 AM

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it seems you have battery drained over night,a system is not switching off when the car is locked.use ammeter remove battery negative cable set voltmeter at DC ampere install in series between the cable and the battery negative pole,doors closed ignition key removed,check the ammeter in fifteen minutes ammeter should maximum 30 to 75 milliampere,other then that you have battery drain. start remove fuse by fuse check if the ammeter reads its normal range,if not start pulling off the relays when you got normal range 30 to 75 MA then you know which system is drawing current.
check our guide:
Check the figures attached for fuse and relay locations.
let us know what happens.
thank you.
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Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 AT 12:01 PM

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