2002 Saturn Vue How to change the rear brakes

  • 2002 SATURN VUE
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 55,000 MILES
I'm looking to know if it easy to change the rear brakes in a 2002 saturn vue.

i jacked up the suv and removed the tire and noticed that the drum cover wont come off. Do I need to remove the large nut thats in the middle or should the drum come right off.
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No! DISC & DRUM -2002 Saturn Vue
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1.Raise and support vehicle. Rear wheel. Remove brake drum. If drums are difficult to remove, insert a thin screwdriver through hole in backing plate. Hold adjuster lever away from star wheel. Rotate star wheel to contract shoes. See Fig. 4.
NOTE: Do not over stretch adjuster spring. Damage can occur if spring is over stretched.
2.Disengage adjuster spring hook end from tab on adjuster actuator. Remove straight end of adjuster spring from brake shoe. 3.Remove adjuster actuator from brake shoe. Remove return spring from brake shoes. Remove parking brake cable from actuator lever. Remove brake shoe hold-down springs and retainers from brake shoes. See Fig. 5. 4.Remove adjuster from brake shoes and parking brake actuator lever. Remove horseshoe clip retaining parking brake actuator lever to brake shoe. Remove parking brake actuator lever and wave washer from brake shoe. 5.Clean all of the drum brake system components with denatured alcohol. Inspect all of drum brake system components. Replace drum brake system components as necessary. Inspect wheel cylinder for brake fluid leakage, or worn or damaged dust boots. Replace damaged or leaking wheel cylinders as necessary.
Fig. 4: Contracting Rear Drum Brake Shoes Courtesy of GENERAL MOTORS CORP.
Fig. 5: Identifying Self-Adjuster Components (Rear Drum Brakes)
1.Apply a thin, light coat of high temperature, silicone brake lubricant to the brake shoe contact points on the backing plate, adjuster screw threads, and inside diameter of adjuster socket. 2.Install parking brake actuator lever to the lever pivot pin, horseshoe clip to parking brake actuator lever pivot pin, and brake shoes to brake backing plate. Install the brake shoe hold-down pins, springs and retainers to brake shoes. 3.Install parking brake cable to the parking brake actuator lever. Ensure adjuster engages the brake shoe and parking brake actuator properly. Install adjuster screw to brake shoe and parking brake actuator. 4.Apply a thin, light coat of high temperature, silicone brake lubricant to the adjuster actuator/brake shoe interface. Install adjuster actuator to brake shoe. DO NOT over stretch adjuster spring. Install the straight end of the adjuster spring to brake shoe. Install adjuster spring hook end to tab on adjuster actuator and the return spring to brake shoes. 5.Move parking brake actuator lever in order to spread brake shoes apart. The adjuster actuator lever should move downward, then upward as the parking brake actuator lever is released, forcing

DISC & DRUM -2002 Saturn Vue
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adjuster wheel to rotate. If adjuster does not operate properly, remove then reinstall adjuster. 6.Adjust brake shoes. See REAR BRAKE SHOES under ADJUSTMENTS. Adjust parking brake. See PARKING BRAKE under ADJUSTMENTS. Install brake drum.




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