2001 Saturn SL2



March, 25, 2010 AT 10:51 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Saturn SL2 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 88000 miles

I have a high idle that happens intermittently. Nomal idle is usually between 800 and 900 rpm. The high idle will range anywhere between 1200 and 2500. When you turn the car off and re-start it will usually go back to normal idle. No check engine light or codes are present in the computer. Any suggestions?

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March, 25, 2010 AT 1:55 PM

This one is tough since u have no codes and it doesn't happen all the time.U can try pulling of the idle air control valve off and cleaning that and the port it goes into with some carb cleaner. Also u could have a bad coolant temp sensor there located screwed into the head below where the upper hose goes on. With two wires going to it a yellow one and a black one. Make sure u check the connector too if it's corroded u will have to replace it. Make sure the engine is cold u will loose coolant if u take it out. If u replace it make sure u get a brass tipped one the plastic tipped ones crack. There under 20. Let me know what u find.



March, 25, 2010 AT 2:11 PM

Thanks for the inpupt Louie -- I will let you know how I make out

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