1995 Saturn SL1 Blower Problem

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Heater problem
1995 Saturn SL1 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 150K miles

The inside fan (interior) for heating and cooling stopped working (on any speed); I'm suspecting a fuse maybe? Where is the fuse box located in the passenger compartment and what fuse would it be in the under hood and interior boxes? Thanks much for any answer!
Thursday, November 12th, 2009 AT 3:51 PM

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The fuse ur looking for is in the inside fuse box on the passenger side panel foward of the console I belive it's a 25 amp fuse there's also a blower relay there u can try to swap that relay with another one there's another relay there that's the same kind just match the numbers up on it. There's a ground there too that's mounted to the dash frame make sure that's attached and tight.I doubt it's any of those things it's most likely a loose or bad connection to the blower motor or the motor itself that's what I have seen most of the time on those. After u check all that stuff I told u u can check the motor connector then see if the motor is getting power and ground to the motor if u are then u need a new blower motor. Let me know what u find. Also donations and feedback greatly appreachiated.
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Saturday, November 14th, 2009 AT 12:14 AM

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