1995 Saturn SC2



July, 25, 2010 AT 4:41 PM

Interior problem
1995 Saturn SC2 4 cyl Automatic 33,583 miles

Water leaks in from top of door frame on passenger side and somehwere in the trunk. Have put silicone gel on the door and trunk molding, but it does not help.

Replace the molding? Or, is there another problem?

If replace the molding - part names to do so, please!
Thanks for any help. This is my wife's car.


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July, 25, 2010 AT 5:02 PM

Hi, What I would Do is Take the car to a glass shop to get there input on it. Is the rubber moulding on the door secure and not torn?Water leaks can be difficult to find and repair.

Hope This Helps You,
Good Luck
Edward S.



July, 26, 2010 AT 1:43 PM

First of all thank you so much for your donation.I can add some more information as far as your door goes I would inspect what's called the primary door seal that's the seal that goes around the inside of the door the fat seal. Inspect it for tear's or chunk's missing. Then inspect the secondary door seal which is the one that goes around the outer part of the door around the door frame window glass. For the same curling torn chunks missing. If all that's good then I would roll the window all the way down open the door put your knee againist the door then start with the the part of the outer door frame closest to the windshield and start bending the upper door frame towards you just a little don't go crazy then work your way across the whole upper frame till you get to the other side. Another thing you can do to help keep water out that is real common for those cars to leak is the drip rail molding. That's the black molding that goes between the roof of the car and the secondary door seal. What you have to do there is get some drip rail molding sealer and reseal it to the roof panel. Real common for them to leak on the earlier saturn's. Now for your trunk first thing I would do is Fold down your back seat's crawl into the trunk with the trunk closed and see if you can see any sunlight coming in if you can I would start there. It could just be a matter of a trunk adjustment or bent trunk lid not sealing properly. Or it could be a striker adjustment. It's really common for those coupe's to get bent or out of adjustment trunk lid's I have seen ton's of them. If you don't see anything with that then you will have to get in the trunk and have someone spray water over the trunk area while you watch for water leaking in with a flash light. Let me know if you have anymore question's.

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