May, 9, 2006 AT 9:45 AM

I have a 1995 saturn SL1 4 cyl 2.5 with 138,000 miles and my car randomly stalls. I already changed the spark plugs and wires but the problem persists. So I looked further into it and its ironicly not immediately but a few miles after I refill my gas tank. So I thought maybe it was the fuel filter so I changed out the fuel filter and I also used a fuel injection cleaner when I filled my gas tank. The engine ran smoother and my acceleration improved but to my surprise it stalled again. Do you know what could possibly be wrong?


Cj Stalling When Idling


Stalling Out


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May, 9, 2006 AT 8:11 PM

When does it stall, accelerating, decelerating or at idle?
Does it stall consistantly under any of these three operations?
When it does stall, is there any warning that it is about to happen?

How is the engine idle? High, low, fluctuating?

Some maintenence items that should be done and might help.
Clean the throttle body and IAC valve and port.
Clean the EGR valve and port.
Replace the PCV valve with a new OEM part. Check all hoses and the grommet it sits in. Replace as needed.
Check all vacuum lines and connections for vacuum leaks.
Check for any loose or corroded electrical connections. Look specificaly at the crankshaft sensor and the coil packs.

Any check engine lights?

Good luck and post back. : )



May, 10, 2006 AT 9:36 AM

This is my girl friends car and it unusually only stalls with her driving, I mean after I have done some repairs like the spark plugs, wires, and fuel filter I sort of beat on it to see how it ran and it seemed fine but later on it stalled while I was in school. It stalled once with me in the car and it was at a traffic light when she stopped. The car kind of ran rough like a really weak bog and then dies. It took three trys to restart it but it was fine after that until she refilled. The idle is fine, about steady 1k rpm. Ill look into that list of maintenence you suggested and I will reply thank you very much. If there is anything else you could think of from my most recent post please let mo know



May, 12, 2006 AT 9:32 AM

Yesterday I changed the pcv valve cause it was deffinately pretty abused. My step brother helped me clean my fuel injectors by pouring fuel injection cleaner through a vaccum line and held it at 2k rpm after that was done we took it for a test drive and things seemed better but the trans fluid over heat light came on. I looked under the car and I thought that it was leaking dex cool cause the fluid looked brown, but when I swiped some up on my finger it was too thick so I thought maybe trans fluid so I pulled the dipstick and it matched, but I dont understand where the leak is cause the dipstick reads that its just a little overfull. Now do you have any clue where the leak might be cause it is right under the radiator and how the trans over heat light comes on, and its full yet leaking. Another thing she told me was the car smelt like sulfer which I have no clue what would smell like sulfer.



May, 12, 2006 AT 12:11 PM

Automatic transmission cooling lines attach to the top and bottom side tank of the rad on the drivers side. The bottom one is prone to corrosion and is a PITA to replace. Check for leaks along the lines and at their connections.

Is the cooling system operating properly? Cooling fan coming on etc?

Sulfur smell can be a sign of a failing catylitic convertor. That could be a result of the ruff running and / or the cause of it. Do a simple vacuum test to check for a plugged convertor.



May, 12, 2006 AT 4:43 PM

Yes the fan does turn on and the car doesnt over heat. What I dont get is how is the trans fluid leaking and it still be full. The lines to the tankn cannot be corroded because the radiator was replaced in september 05' but it might be possible one of the lines are busted. Its there a holding tank like for the dexcool maybe an over flow tank that could have gotten cracked? And whats the deal with driving cause the car does not over heat, and it is not low on trans fluid but the warning lights are coming on for the trans fluid over heating : what is your suggestion. Do you have a round abouyt of how much this all would cost

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