Saturn SL1 2001 65,000 1.9 lt Cylinder head question.

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Okay I Just bought an automatic 2001 sl1 engine and started to fool around with it. Just for fun. I was wondering if different cylinder head years are compatiable with others. Ex. 2001 with a 2000 or vise versa. I also took apart the cylinder head and noticed a little groove. I was just wondering what it does and if there was any importance. Like is it used for water or oil. Is it possible to just bore it down and get rid of it all together? I also wanted to know if the rocker arms are adjustable?

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Saturday, April 28th, 2007 AT 6:55 PM

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Hey Jester,

What ya trying to accomplish?

Both 1.9 ltr engines use the same block. The heads are interchangeable to a certain extent.

The 96 and 97 SOHC heads had some casting flaws and were prone to cracking.

Some slight changes were made from generation 1 sattys to gen 3 sattys. Different EGR valves, one temp sensor instead of two, and so on. If you need to pass an emmisions test be sure things are compatible.

Not sure about the groove you mention. No rockers on overhead cam engines so no adjustment possible.

Good luck and let us know. :)

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Sunday, April 29th, 2007 AT 6:09 PM

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