2002 Saturn L200 Engine Fan stays on

  • 2002 SATURN L200
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 85,000 MILES
I went to start my car the other day and the engine fan is on full blast, it never shuts off. And the engine is not overheating. What do I do to correct this? Please advise. Oh, the antifreeze is okay as well as the oil, I checked them both.

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Monday, December 22nd, 2008 AT 4:11 PM

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Its sounds like the fan relay is stuck and needs replacement. Here are some diagrams to help you figure out which one to replace. Turn the key on then remove the relays one at a time.


Has the temp light on the dash come on at all or anytime?

I have attached some info on the operation of the fans for your info

After you check for codes, let me know. It is possible your engine coolant temp sensor is not working correctly.

COOLANT TEMP GAUGE - The PCM controls the coolant temperature gauge by sending gauge position messages to the BCM over the Class II link based on ECT sensor readings. The BCM averages the temperature over time allowing the gauge to move slowly and remain in a relatively stable position as temperature varies. The BCM then sends the averaged information to the I/P cluster over the link to position the gauge.

COOLANT TEMPERATURE TELLTALE - The Coolant Temperature telltale is used to alert the driver that the engine may be in an overheated condition. The PCM controls the Coolant Temperature telltale by sending a message to the BCM, which sends a message to the I/P cluster over the Class II link to turn On the telltale. The PCM will send the message when the ECT sensor reading is above 118 C (244 F). If this condition exists, the PCM will set DTC P0217. If a high temp/low voltage fault exists in the ECT sensor circuit, the signal is considered invalid and the Coolant Temperature telltale will NOT be illuminated. The cooling fans will be commanded On high.

Please let us know happens so it will help others.

Best, Ken
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