1990 SAAB 900 ignition replacement

  • 1990 SAAB 900
Electrical problem
1990 Saab 900 4 cyl Automatic

The ignition is mounted between the seats and has a few different types of fasteners. I need any tips you can offer for R and R of the assembly. Thanks.
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1.On models equipped with airbag system, disarm airbag system, refer to Air Bags and Seat Belts/Air Bags (Supplemental Restraint Systems)/Service and Repair.
2.On models without airbag, disconnect battery ground cable.
3.On all models, disconnect wiring harness connector to driver's seat heating element, if equipped, and remove seat.
4.Place automatic transaxle in park or manual transaxle in reverse and remove ignition key.
5.On automatic transaxle models, remove shift indicator plate and top cover after disconnecting indicator lamp; on manual transaxle models, remove shifter boot and top cover.
6.On all models, pull carpet away from shifter cover.
7.Remove center rear console as follows:
a.Move seats to rear and apply handbrake.
b.Remove rear ashtray and five console retaining screws.
c.Disconnect wiring harness connectors and remove console, then remove heater duct.

8.If lock cylinder is to be replaced on manual transaxle models, remove tapered pin from joint between gear lever and selector rod, and disconnect selector rod.
9.On all models, disconnect wiring harness connectors to ignition switch, noting position for reassembly.
10.Disconnect wiring harness connectors to back-up lamp and neutral safety switches, if equipped.
11.Remove bolts securing gear lever housing using special tool No. 891237 or equivalent, on all except 900 with manual transaxle. On 900 manual transaxle models, use special tool No. 8790370 or equivalent.
Fig. 1 Ignition & Starter Switch Contact Alignment


Fig. 2 Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal w/Key


12.On all models, replace ignition switch as follows:
a.Raise housing slightly, twist to expose cover plate screws, and remove plate.
b.Remove ignition switch retaining screws and switch.
c.Rotate switch to align mark (2) with arrow (3), Fig. 1.
d.Ensure that key is in lock (L) position and install switch with locating stud (1), Fig. 1, in slot on gear lever housing.

13.Replace lock cylinder with key as follows:
a.On automatic transaxle models, loosen bottom cover screws, remove cable bracket clip, and remove gear lever housing.
b.On manual transaxle models, remove gear lever housing assembly.
c.On all models, turn ignition key half way between Lock (L) and garage (G) positions.
d.Depress lock cylinder retaining pin, Fig. 2, with a pick, and pull cylinder from housing.
e.Install lock with key turned as in step C, ensuring that cylinder is aligned with drive gear.
Fig. 3 Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal w/Key Missing


14.On all models, replace lock cylinder with key missing as follows:
a.Drill out plug covering hole for lock cylinder retaining pin on LH side of gear lever housing.
b.Using a punch, drive lock retaining pin in approximately .008 inch, Fig. 3, and remove lock cylinder. Lock cylinder must be replaced after forcing retaining pin.
c.Install new lock cylinder as in step 12.

15.Reverse procedure to install components, adjust transaxle linkage as needed.
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