2001 Renault Megane



March, 24, 2009 AT 9:25 PM

Electrical problem
2001 Renault Megane 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 99500 miles

I own a Megane 1.4 16v 2001. I am having problem with its coils failure, one failed early this month, got it replaced but now seems two more need replacement. I am going for all four of them. There is a lot aftermarkets. Some suggested german BERU are the best, but they cost me double than PULSE 8. Also PULSE 8 is coming with two year warranty but it works in his way that you ahve to send the coils, guys check on their comp and if its faulty, they replace or they send you back. There are some SAGEMS and Original Renaul COILs are well but some say these won't last more than 6 months. SO confused what to buy. Can anyone help?
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Many thanks
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James W.

March, 24, 2009 AT 10:17 PM

I would opt for the OEM coils. Reason being, If Renault is having a problem with their coil installations, they're going to find a solution. I'll check for TSBs on the coils. If I find anything, I'll get back to you.


Dave H

March, 25, 2009 AT 6:45 AM


Just to Add a pennies worth to James's correct as alway's post. .. The coils on this range of vehicle ALWAY'S break down in sequence ... so it is always best to replace all 4 at the same time ...If you have one go down .. then replace them ALL at the same time or a week later your replacing another .. also replace with OEM dealer coils (a little more expansive, but totally worth it) .. renault have had a few problems with the COP (coil on plug) for the renault range, so have done a lot of work to try and get it right over the last few years and also will replace them if they breakdown again within the warranty .. !!

Hope this helps..


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