Red thunderbolt, check engine and ESP light

  • 2005 CHRYSLER 300
  • 3.5L
  • V6
  • 2WD
  • 150,000 MILES
A couple of months ago I went to a dealership to change my spark plugs, then my car started to shake once I got my car back from them. After they told me I would need my engine coils to be changed all six of them which would cost around $900.00. I got a trusted mechanic to take a look and he said nothing is wrong with my coils, they just did not plug one in. They tried to scam me, after this event I had all the three lights pop up when I am driving, it slows down my car to the point I cannot go over a certain speed limit or the car shakes uncontrollably. I fix the problem by turning on and off my car (usually fixes the problem). I cleaned out the throttle body and fixed the issue for a couple months. Until yesterday morning when I was driving and the lights turned on again. I did my usually rotten and turned it off and on again, but it almost did not start. Same thing happened this morning, but this time I had to give it some gas to start my car. It is getting colder so that might be it, but I plug in my car at night because if I do not. It will not start the next morning.
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Thursday, December 6th, 2018 AT 10:33 AM

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Hi and thanks for using 2CarPros.

Since the lights are on, you really need to have the computer scanned to determine what diagnostic trouble codes are stored in the system. That will indicate where the problem is coming from. I will say the red light with the thunderbolt is related to the electronic throttle control system. Something may have been disconnected or not reinstalled correctly. Since you just had work done, that is my first suspect.

Here is a quick video showing how to use a scanner:


If you do not have a scanner, most parts stores will scan it for free or rent a scanner to you.

Do this and let me know the codes which are found.

Take care,
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Friday, December 7th, 2018 AT 10:02 PM

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