1996 Pontiac Transport wiper motor Pulse board module


Electrical problem
1996 Pontiac Transport 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

First question how do I locate the wiper motor pulse board module on myTransport? Second qustion now that know where it is and how to get at it how do I replace it?

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Friday, August 8th, 2008 AT 7:28 AM

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The wiper motor is on the passenger side of the vehicle, underneath the cowling and underneath the soundproofing (black padding) that you'll have to rip out to even see the motor. It will be almost directly behind the pivot for the wiper arm. The arm is held in place by two screws, unscrew but don't remove screws to remove wiper arm and move out of the way. Next, do the same with the arm attached to the motor and move out of way. There are three small screws or bolts holding the wiper motor to the frame, these will all be pointing up. Carefully remove and place an old towel or something to catch these if you drop them as they are very difficult to replace. Once the screws are removed, slide the motor to the side of the compartment, it will still be attached to the wiring harness in back so, carefully unplug the harness, There's a snap on one side that you press in to remove. Now, you have removed the motor. If it needs replacement, don't buy a rebuilt motor as a new one from Advance Auto is only a few bucks more. Before replacing the motor, use one of the bolts you removed to screw into the holes to thread each of the three mounting holes before you try to do it upside down inside the compartment. This will make the job much easier and much faster. Remember to plug the harness in before you put the screws/bolts through the frame and into the mounting holes. Wiggle it around until you can get the bolts started and slowly tighten down - avoid over tightening or you'll break the mountings on the motor which is very easy to do. Replace the rear arm and tighten the two screws, replace front pivot arm and tighten two screws. That's it! Time to replace the motor about 90 minutes with thirty of that getting the padding out of the way. Remember, if you loose the screws/bolts, you must find exact replacement bolts or you'll break the mountings on the motor with regular bolts and than means you're screwed on that motor. I checked with the local Pontiac dealer and he didn't have them either be very careful and don't drop them. Good Luck. Errol

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 AT 10:01 AM

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